16 July 2012

Zombie Apocalypse [Part 2]

Carrying (CCW) as a Father
Part 2:   Rise in Violent Crime

Just as driving home with Patrick and Jen in the car for the first time made me acutely aware of the vehicles around me, I have also become acutely aware of the volume of crime around us. Having been a survivor in several crimes over the years, my awareness of what could potentially go wrong is probably a bit more heightened than most.

I had a driver attempt to run me off the road then follow me to work ... following me to work was not such a huge deal since I was going to report the incident as soon as I got there (and I worked in a prison and knew that several of my co-workers would be in the parking lot). What got me was when the Police Office came to take the report and asked if the other driver was armed ... working in a prison, we dealt with weapons, but not generally firearms. I was shaken up for a few days after this incident.

While working at the same place, I rented a cheap apartment (being single, this seemed like a good way to get my finances in order ... should have worked). Unfortunately, I went a bit too cheap. While living there I had the radio stolen from my car, two attempted muggings (that's when I learned that the local PD kept their doors locked 24x7), and one break-in (nothing difficult here since I was cleaning a friends .357 at the time ... I learned the deterrent value of a pistol that day).

I've seen the crime statistics and know that the numbers can be skewed to show whatever the particular party is looking to present. But, regardless to how the numbers are twisted, no one will dispute that crime is on the rise, in particular violent crimes. I also know what crime I've had to deal with over the years and this influenced my decision to look at Carry Conceal as a means to protect my family.

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