14 July 2012

Toddler Driving

Patrick at the Wheel
Patrick loves to be in the driver's seat ... any car. It started when I was driving and Jen was in the back seat. When we stopped, he reached forward, as if he wanted me to pick him up.

Jen passed him to me over the center console and he immediately grabbed onto the steering wheel. He yanked left and right, putting his whole body into it as he stood on my lap. Jen and I laughed ... deep and hearty at his obvious excitement.

He reached over the wheel and turned on the left and right turn signals, followed by the high beams on and off. Next, he learned how to turn the lights on and off, and eventually he made his way to the right side of the wheel and found the radio and air conditioning controls.

Jen eventually made her way out of the car and stepped in front of the car so he could see her ... with him waving to his mother in childish glee, so proud of his accomplishments.

Since then, we've gotten to "drive" the car on the driveway ... which gets him laughing to no end. He will also wave to any car going by on the road ... "bye, bye ..."

"Driving the car" has become an awesome game with us ... this is not one of those games that is reserved for an individual. If you let him onto your lap, in the driver's seat, he is happy ... until you try to take him out, that is. His grip of the wheel is amazing.

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