10 July 2012

Texting their Lives Away

My spell-check is highlighting the word "texting" ... not in the computer's dictionary.  In 21st century lexicon, texting is both a noun and an adjective ... both an object and a description of an activity.

To me ... a computer squid, it seems odd, but texting is something I've simply learned to live with.  I have always preferred talking to someone rather than sending a text or speaking with a machine.  I know computers, but have little interest in living large parts of my life on them ... there needs to be, as with anything, a balance.

Over the years, I've developed a philosophy in relation to communications (outside of work).  I've always kept my phone separate from my e-mail separate from my iPOD/iPAD with my calendar.  Only recently have I even spent the money on a texting plan (kind of got battered into that one).  I have always explained the philosophy, in part, as keeping the devices separate based on the type of use as a means of maintaining battery life, but really it's more than that.

I watch people get consumed by the "electronic" worlds ... rarely talking with one another.  Face to face communication gets lost somewhere ... we've all heard the odd stories.  Unfortunately, I see those stories more frequently.  I have this gut feeling that many of today's children (and adults) are texting their lives away.

Jennifer and I have discussed this in relation to our son and I know part of my job as a father is to develop and foster good communication skills in my son ... some of these will be electronic, but only in their proper place and time.  I'm not quite sure how it will all work out, but I am pretty sure I will not be texting my son that dinner is ready any time soon ...

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