23 June 2012

Sore Butt

We all had a rough night last night.  Apparently, when Patrick has teeth coming in, his rear end gets sore ... I don't know why, but once Jen and I made the correlation, my parents told me that's the way it was with me ... way, way, way back.

He's got another tooth coming in ... and, both ends are in pain (getting better now ... rough last night). Trying to get him to sleep was challenging to say the least.

I had to pat his lower back firmly while bouncing hard enough to make my calves sore in mere moments ... I wasn't given the option of just bouncing him with my arms (he could tell the difference).  Anything else resulted in screaming.

As I finally got him to sleep, I was able to stop the patting and bouncing and sat down to let him get into a deeper sleep.  After about an hour, I put him into the crib ...

Then, as Jen and I finally laid down, his little head popped up over the edge of the crib and another scream of pain was let out.  Again, I picked him up (remember, don't touch the butt).  Bouncing and patting didn't have quite the same effect, but eventually he settled down and slept.  This time, I moved into the bed with Patrick cuddled on top of me.

He slept for a few minutes when the head came up again ... it looked like another wailing session. But no, he rolled to the side and fell into the crook of my arm facing up ... blissfully silent, angelic sleep ensued.

I held him until my arm went completely numb and asked Jen to get him since there was no way I couldn't lift him ... without dropping him (one arm asleep, remember).  He slept ... for about three whole hours, this time.

Again, he screamed ... I was no good this time, so Jen stepped in and tried.  After a solid thirty minutes of screaming, I gave in again and turned on the television, expecting to simply ride it out.  After all, I had to get up for work in an hour anyway.

As soon as the screen came to life, so did he ... issue solved. His head popped up, eyes bright and all screaming stopped. No issues since (and, yes the redness did finally fade).

I can't wait to see what adventures tonight brings ...

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