04 June 2012

One Child at a Time

"I'm building my family tree one child at a time."

I remember making this lighthearted joke, not long after Patrick was born.

I've been working on our family history for several decades.  Working on computers for a living (and for fun), I've learned a lot about this type of research.  My grandmother got me started ... and encouraged my interest in my family history.  With her assistance, I've compiled quite a bit of information about our family tree and quite a few stories about the people on the tree.

Many times, months of research resulted in nothing ... occasionally, some small thread would lead to some larger find.  I've researched lines into the American Revolution (my grandmother always wanted to join the DAR).  I've traced many lines overseas ... Germany, Italy, Ireland, Poland / Austria, and more.

But, nowhere along the way have I had such an exciting addition to our tree.  In all my years of tracking down family members, verifying stories ... researching the lives of my relatives, I never felt the thrill of addition to the tree as I did that day I added Patrick Robert to our family tree.

Maybe that "joke" was more true than I realized at the time!

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