20 June 2012

10 Days Older than Dirt

Having a child at 43 years old is not necessarily something I would recommend. The concept certainly scared me ... just becoming a father was frightening, let alone being older. But, my age has given me a depth of perspective that I'm pretty sure I would not have had earlier in my life.  The whole process has also been the second most amazing experience of my life ... marriage, the first!

I would also like to believe that I am more mature (yes, I know there are those that would disagree with me there) and am more than willing to be as involved as Jen and Patrick will allow me to be in his life. I will, most likely, have to put retirement off ... put it also means that I am a bit more financially stable (if only more aware of what that means) than I ever managed in my twenties or thirties.

Now, this does mean that I have to focus on living well since I would like to see my grandchildren and be around to get to know them.  I have been watching Patrick interact with my parents and it is truly amazing.  There is a bond there that is truly wonderful.

I am learning to get up at all hours (thankfully, I did that most nights anyway), change diapers (some experience there with nieces and nephews) with lightning speed, and pass food on in amazement ... not just how much he eats, the gusto with which he inhales food, but also with his ability to cover himself in such a short amount of time.  There hasn't been a meal recently that did not require at least a pass under the sink.  I know this doesn't have much to do with being an older father ... but it has been amusing.

What has been good, during his antics, is my ability to stay calm and not get irritated ... which is certainly something I've developed as I've gotten more mature (older, I know).  The experience of being a father is not one I was sure I was ready for, but as I watch this amazing young man grow ... I am looking forward to every moment, even if that means being the father that is "older than dirt."

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