28 September 2012

Where Does He Put It All?

Tonight it was three slices of "Eese" (cheese for those not familiar with the linguistics of small children).

There would have been a fourth slice if Papap had not recommended a string cheese as an option. Patrick was more than willing to take it on.

Then, he headed for the raisins; almost finishing one box (the large box, not one of the bitty ones that's gone in seconds) ... before heading for the unopened box.

Mixed into all this was at least one "Ooose" (juice ... hang in there).

I really think he was ready to take on the unopened box ... he was trying to sneak it out the door as we left. Hilarious ... a child trying to sneak out a box that was about half his size out the door!

Upon our arrival at home, he started in on the cheese curls before settling on a meal of Chef-boy-ardee 'ronis. Two juice containers later and we finally allowed Mama and Papa to get us ready for a bath ... he needed it after all that food.

Oh, and did I mention the two additional containers of food before bed and string-cheese at two in the morning.

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