17 September 2012

Toy Train

Patrick has been learning ... so fast!

He has been expanding his vocabulary and correlating activities so fast ... it is sometimes funny to watch and always exciting.

Jen picked up a toy train the other day ... one of those ten dollar, battery operated things you find at the drug store. It plays several songs and tows it's two cars in a tiny circle.

On the cars, two animals can be mounted ... one white with a blue base and one yellow with a yellow base. The activity, once the train was home and put together, was to attempt to put the right animal into the right car ... each animal as a differently shaped based; a bit of a challenge.

I found myself pointing out the base and then the car ... and he promptly took the animal in the other hand and tried to put it in the car I had indicated (for the other animal). All this was hindered by the fact the train was moving and he had to wait for it to come around the track to try again.

He'll get it I'm sure, but it will be amusing while it lasts!

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