11 September 2012

Things TO DO

My to-do list has been magnified to previously unimaginable proportions ... it used to be "honey-do" list (honey, do this). It has become a to-do list of survival ... but thankfully, only for about twenty-four more hours.

Jennifer had to go to a conference. I opted to take care of Patrick ... get him to school, get him from school, dinner, a bath, then put him down to sleep. Repeat. Repeat again ... done.

Simple, right?

Not so ...

School entails getting up, hopefully without waking him up (there is no fall back if he wakes while I am in the shower). Get him ready for school ... not so bad, but try diapering a child that likes to sleep on his stomach.

Plus, we have the added constraint that I have to get him to "my" father's because I have to be at work an hour before daycare opens.

Picking him up from school ... not so bad, except for the activities after school ... we will avoid those in this article. Let's just say these are life events, not Patrick or Jen events taking time.

Then, dinner ... I have to say here that I have managed pretty well, keeping things relatively clean with plenty of calories and protein going in.

I do have to add in asking my father to avoid the sand box ... guess where they headed first.

This brings us to bath time ... I like giving him baths (I know Jen likes them more), so they have gone well ... just have to remember to empty the tub, just like I asked Jen to do all those months ago.

Sleep ... not so much; lots of rolling around, as if he wants to sleep. I went with the tried and true ... throw him in the car (so what if I have PJ pants on) and drive. Ten minutes later, he is in the crib until morning (I hope). None for me, thank you ... I have still got planning to do for tomorrow.

Then, repeat (with lots of prayer).

It is all so much nicer when Jen and I can share these activities ...

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