06 September 2012

Parental Fears

Daycare ...

I remember Jennifer wondering if she would remember what Patrick looked like the first day she had to pick him up. She did remember, he did get home, and it has been relegated to one of those silly, irrational fears.

I had another one yesterday. Driving home, I go by another daycare in the area ... one we looked at and did not choose. Mostly because the one we selected was significantly better for our needs ...

What I saw struck me ... there were two women on one side of the building with about twenty children that looked as if they were kindergarten age or older. Two of the girls playing were pulling the matting off the ground and tossing it around as the women (watching the kids?) sat against the building in the shade.

Around the corner of the building (where the adults could not see) were about eight children that looked about Patrick's age (sixteen months). There was a fence, not only around the outside of the play area, but separating the side and front of the building and the gate was closed. These children were physically separated from the adults. Several were playing on the structures and two were standing at the door trying to get in ... there were NO adults anywhere in sight. I would assume there were adults inside that could see the children, but as a parent, I am not sure I would want this level of care (or lack there of) for my child.

I actually considered calling the police, but decided to wait and observe the site more in the future ... I still think back to this and am thankful that my son is carefully watched. I have stopped in at all hours and the supervision I have observed it incredible.

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