02 November 2012

Various Thoughts

Cleaning dishes that had piled into both sinks and were spilling over onto our cutting board, I was reminded of when Jen and I realized that the amount of laundry we do has increased dramatically. For a little-guy, he generates a LOT of dirty clothes ... he also generates a lot of dirty dishes ... pots, pans, silverware, and cups.

Our workload has increased, but in a good way. What we did before Patrick was for us ... now, it's for family.

I thought back to how he has grown ... he's even playing different.

Patrick helped me with dinner ... he carried the egg from the refrigerator to the stove and mixed the egg and bread mix together for me. So cool!

He has also been eating candy from Halloween ... well, let me amend that, he chews on the package with the candy in it. If he breaks the package and can taste the candy, he gets a new one.

He spent about two hours taking the candy out of it's container and organizing it on our coffee table. Bored with that, he grabbed a pot and placed several candy bars in ... we thought it was pretty cool; a new skill (play). Then, he took it another step ... he grabbed the wooden spoon and started to stir the pot.

Jen and I both cheered ... we love to watch him grown and put together all the various things he is learning.

Oh ... and don't let me forget ... he CLEARLY said "Mountain Dew" as he told me he wanted some in his sippy cup!

Amazing what goes through your head while washing dishes!

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