06 November 2012

Running Tired

Patrick had fun last night ... he was laughing and playing from the time he got home.

Jumping around and playing with a spray bottle, he was a bundle of energy unlike I've ever seen.

At one point, he tried one of my popsicles and I got the bright idea of placing it into one of his smaller cups. He loved it ... and we loved the fact that there was little mess.

Dancing with the Stars was on and he spent almost the entire two hours dancing with his mother.

While this was going on, I was remembering the night before when he fell asleep while getting his bath for the night ... simply sitting and playing, then asleep ... so cute!

Last night, however, he was moving with a determined energy ... falling all over the place, obviously exhausted, but not willing to give up the fight.

Eventually, he crashed and we placed him in his crib.

I got a quick shock as he jumped and scrambled ... until his head hit the edge of the crib, then the snoring started up again. I'm not sure what that was all about, but he seemed to get some comfort from the contact and slept well for the rest of the night.

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