05 November 2012

Playing On The Stairs

We were playing near the stair from our kitchen to the lower level.

Patrick had a squishy toy we bought for him a few weeks back. When it hits something, it flashes brightly ... he loves it.

He was tossing the toy down the stairs and I was flipping it back up to him, often bouncing it off his head or chest. The laughter was incredible ... so much fun.

Then, he made a run toward the stairs to get in a good toss ... and I knew he was in trouble.

He tripped as I launched myself up the stairs ... just in time to catch him before his head hit the first step down the stairs. As Jen came around the corner to see what all the commotion was about, I was just getting my nerves back in order and began lifting him back to his feet.

He let me hold him for a few seconds then, seeing his mother nearby, his tears stopped and he stretched out for her.

... so much fun!

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