01 November 2012

His Second Halloween

We missed the Trunk-or-Treat on Sunday at out church. It was cold and raining ... seemed like a good idea to stay home.

Getting an e-mail from Jen yesterday that I needed to get some candy to daycare for Patrick ... I stopped off and delivered the candy. I opted to stay until Jen got there to pick him up.

To my delight, I got to enjoy Patrick and his class walking from room to room "trick-or-treating" ... he and I both loved it!

On getting home, I made a quick run to get some groceries ... it was cold and raining again, so we opted to get Patrick dressed up and hand out candy to the kids coming by that night.

When I arrived back from the store, Jen and Patrick were both in costume ... Patrick looked very cool in his dragon costume. Kids were coming by throughout the next few hours and Patrick made it to the door every time!

What a night to remember ... his second Halloween, but just as memorable as his first!

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