14 November 2012

Family Time with Shoes

Last night was cool.

Patrick was in a playful mood ... dumping food and drinks all over the place, sneaking toys over the back of the couch (then getting upset when I passed them back to him), and climbing over everything.

He also got a family game going ... with everyone ready for bed, he had us put his shoes on, then Papa and Mama had to put on their boots. It was all very funny and exciting ... mostly watching his intensity.

Then, we had to follow him ... around and around we went. Through the kitchen, into the dining room, through the family room, past the front door and into the kitchen again ... over and over, around and around ... stomping our feet in some sort of family train!

Every now and then, Jen or I would fall behind and invariably, Patrick would stop to make sure that we caught back up.

We played other games, as well ... but we always seemed to head back to the train ... oh, and don't forget the shoes ...

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