13 November 2012

A Simple Evening

We had my parents over for dinner last night ...

Patrick and Jen prepared dinner, even going as far as making brownies for desert!

It was very cool watching Patrick cuddle with his Grandfather. It is always amazing to me how those two get along.

It was also very cool watching Patrick and his Grandmother read a book together ...

Before dinner, he got a chance to show off the cast-iron toy stove that Jen had played with as a child. This has become one of his favorite toys ... the parts certainly make a lot of noise when he tosses them across the room.

At dinner, I sat next to Patrick, across from his grandparents ... their expressions as they watched him were sheer joy and a joy to watch, as well.

At one point, I asked Patrick to show them the Moon and Stars in his room. He has a humidifier that lights up, projecting colored starts and a moon on the ceiling ... he loves them.

He immediately headed for the stairs, and turned to his grandparents and signaled come on ... a quick jerk of the arm across his chest. Where he learned this, I'm not quite sure ... but it is so much fun to see.

He took them up to his room and turned on the lights ... even taking the time to have me lift him up so that he could turn off the room lights so they could see the projected lights better ... he is so smart, it amazes me some times.

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