21 October 2012

Riding in the Car

Last night, Jen was in a class and I got Patrick for a few hours ... Papa time.

We took some time and visited his grandparents; two of Patrick's cousins were also there, so it became a cool visit. Of course, we had to get in some Tractor time ... can't forget that.

Then, we headed out ... Jen still had about thirty minutes left, so I decided to just drive around the area.

I was comfortable in the car ... Patrick, different situation.

As he started crying ... I tried singing (this has worked before) and to my amazement, it only took two rounds of "Row, Row, Row your boat" for him to quiet down. About a dozen rounds later, I stopped as my throat started getting strained.

Then, the crying kicked in again.

After about three of these sets and about twenty minutes later, I glanced over my shoulder to find him fast asleep. I kept singing ... slowly dropping the volume.

Just as I stopped singing, Jen called to say she was on her way home. I turned the car around and took my family home ... what a cool night!

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