26 October 2012

Outside Play

Patrick loves to be outside.

When he arrived home yesterday, I was just getting finished with some weeding ... he and Jen immediately jumped in to help. We dragged branches to the pile in the back yard.

Then, I found Jen and Patrick getting ready for a bike ride.

Wanting to spend time with my wife and son, I opted into the ride. We didn't go far, my back and legs were a bit sore at that point ... but we did get out together as a family.

The bike seat we have is not the kind I remember as I grew up. Patrick's is pretty close to my seat, in fact my heels hit the lower part of his seat if I am not paying attention. Despite this, we have a lot of fun.

He loves to look around and notices things ... at one point, Jen wandered off and he started calling to her until she headed back to what he considered a safe distance.

He is also a boy and likes to play. He "high-fived" my back and spent a few minutes pulling my shirt out. I hope I never forget the head-butts I get from him while wearing his bicycle helmet.

Once we got home, Jen took Patrick on a walk to the park while I got some water and recovered a bit ...

All in all, it went well ... tons of fun!

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