19 August 2012

You Need To Learn To Share

"Papap, you need to learn to share." His words coming back to him from my nephew ...

As a father, I am just getting into the phase where my son needs to learn how to share.

There is a big wheel bike he likes to ride, wooden blocks he loves to knock over (regardless of how many times you build something or how complex it is), oh ... and I've heard the donut you have is his, as well.

When families get together, this is a constant concern for me. Patrick is just to small to understand that someone else is playing with a toy that he knows he likes from experience. Also, there is a certain level of excitement over these toys ... just because someone else is using them.

Although, I have to admit that he is very good at playing with others, as long as you do not mind playing his way (as I said, blocks get knocked over ... never built up).

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