18 August 2012

The Future ... and Past

Patrick has a long and glorious future in front of him. That does not mean that I have a clue about my future as a parent. There were so many things that I was sure of before I had a child.

I got an e-mail this morning from the LEGO Learning Institute, Denmark. They want to use one of my images (Adjusted Lego Heart) in a video about "Systematic Creativity" ... actual academic research, to be used both internally and externally. I cannot even remember when I got to take a photograph that did not have Patrick in it ... and I love it!

Now, I am sitting home ... Patrick is asleep in his crib ... on a Friday morning (my work schedule has aligned with the day-care in-service day ... I never knew they had such a thing; once a month and we have to arrange for one of us to be home). I've got an ear cocked for sounds from above ... praying that today will be a fun day.

Maybe this afternoon, we will invite Papap for lunch at McDonald's and spend some time over there ... that's as far ahead as I can think.

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