14 August 2012

Remote Control

It is a guy thing. There is a level of control that we take when we have the Remote Control. I am not completely sure that this applies to all men, but I know that it applies to me. When the television is on, I like to have the control ... I can certainly give that control up without any qualms, but I would rather not.

Becoming a father, I am quickly learning some things about giving up control by letting go of the Remote Control.

Patrick loves to play with the "clicker" ... it has buttons, lights up, and changes things on the television (not that he watches, he just likes to see it change). This has become a constant "battle" ... no, too strong a word ... maybe "struggle" would be better.

I have another clicker that does nothing ... and I watch and change channels when he has it, so that he thinks he is doing something. Oh, and remember that I cannot just give it to him. He has to discover that his father was not watching close enough.

Recently, there was a new development ... he took the real Remote Control from me and was clicking away (it is fun to watch at times). Then, he decided to follow his mother upstairs. A few seconds later, I saw him come around the couch and he handed the Remote back to me ... wow, what a kid!

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