28 August 2012

King of the Hill

A simple game of peek-a-boo, running around the loop of bedroom, bathroom, and hallway was interrupted with a quick game of "king of the hill," climbing the large pile of laundry that Jen and I have been working on since moving in (it is a challenge re-washing almost everything we own while keeping up with what we are currently wearing).

Up the pile my son went, to roll of the top of the hill, into my lap ... over and over. It is amazing the fun we can have with laundry.

Then, it was quickly back to running laps ... which got terminated when Patrick said "bye-bye" to his mother and promptly shut the bathroom door on his fingers. Amazingly, mother's kisses really do work as the tears stopped once she kissed the bruised fingers.

1 comment:

  1. Laundry is only fun when you pretend it's a pile of leaves! Word of advice - get a sitter, get a couple of rolls of quarters, haul ALL that laundry to the nearest laundry mat and be done with it in 3 hours!