31 August 2012

Indoor Tears

Tonight was the second night of our "indoor tears" issue.

Last night, not long after I got home, Patrick started to cry ... these were tears of pain, rubbing his eyes pretty hard. Since it was a Papa night (all he wanted was me), I propped him over my shoulder and started bouncing him. He settled in, as if sleep was all he wanted. Mind you, he was still crying and rubbing the eyes. Then, he rolled horizontal, letting my hold him in my arms ... still rubbing eyes and crying.

This went on for about thirty minutes. I tried having Jen take him, but we had the same symptoms, but now he wanted me again. I settled in for a long night and started walking him around the house. The pain was pretty obvious so we got medication into him ...

Another thirty minutes went by when I walked near the back door when he jumped up and stopped crying ... a switch got thrown. We even had a smile.

Jen came down since he had stopped crying so abruptly and I started walking toward her. About two feet from the door the crying began again. I moved back to the door.

Shoes, a stroller, and about a twenty minute walk later, we were allowed to take him into the house with no crying and he quickly fell asleep.

Tonight, we visited Grandma and Papap ... arriving home, the crying and eye rubbing began again, as soon as we took him in the house. This time the sun had already gone down, so we got some medicine in him, got him a bath, and weathered the crying ... and eventually got him to sleep.

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