21 August 2012

Family and Power

I got home last night to find a neighbor on the phone, rather irate. This would not have been a concern normally, if he had not been doing it right outside our garage ... where I was cutting down boxes at the time.

Later on, he knocked on the door to let us know that the telephone pole behind our house had fallen and there were power lines on the ground. I followed him out and could clearly see the pole leaning on one of our trees ... and, yes there was smoke.

About ten minutes later, after I told Jen what was going on, the transformer blew ... and the power went out. Thankfully, we had just finished cooking dinner. I had Jen pack up what she could and head to my parents. A hungry son was packed into the car and left.

Not long after, the fire department showed up ... fire and all. They checked things out and taped off our back yard ... thankfully, not the whole house.

About an hour later, the power company showed up ... I should say, one small truck and a single technician who decided there might be a problem. He went about trying to figure out how to rope the pole off so it would not fall completely over taking the lines it was resting on down, as well.

I was told that power would be back today (the day after the incident) ... maybe the same night (do you believe that, not me).

I left at that point ... obviously not needed and without power, it was getting kind of dark in the house. Besides, I wanted to see my wife and son ...

They were doing well and having fun ... sleep-over at grandma and papap's house.

It was a relatively normal night for sleeping at my parents ... until Patrick decided to wake up during the night. Not a big deal normally, but we were using a blow up bed for him (in another room) and when he woke up, he was able to get out of the bed. We found him crying at the top of the stairs ... thankfully, not at the bottom of the stairs! Just another nerve-wracking moment in my new life as a father.

So much for a quiet night. Hopefully, power this afternoon and sleeping in our own beds ...

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