09 August 2012

At The Range

Patrick had a different day today.

His mother stayed home, since her mother was in town.

We planned a trip to the local shooting range (indoor) / gun store ... practice for Jen and I, as well as an introduction to pistols for my mother-in-law.

I got there after work and Donna and I quickly got onto the range. Patrick and Jen watched from the window. After firing a few times, I wandered by the window while throwing out the trash and saw Patrick hauling a manual vacuum around the shop. The smile on his face would light up any room.

A while later, I stepped out to give Jen some time on the range. Patrick and I "swept" the store (one of his favorite activities for those that haven't been following the blog). The staff were delighted ... they were happy to let him clean any area and he was certainly willing.

Following more cleaning (and more range time for the adults), we called it a day and headed home. Wouldn't you know it, but the first thing he went for was the whisk broom and dust pan at home ...

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