03 November 2012

Nothing is Incredible

What a cool day ... we did nothing exciting, but had some fun.

We all needed haircuts, but the place we chose did not do the coloring that Jen was looking for.

Patrick and I got our hair done ... he sat in the booster seat with no issue (OK, a little concerned over the hair dryer, but he did cry as we left, so not too concerned).

We then went someplace else to get Jen's hair done ... since we were looking at two hours, I opted to do the shopping with Patrick.

He was awesome in the store ... talking with other kids as they went by and holding the new Swifer I was getting Jen (all kinds of excitement this weekend ... she did ask for a new one) ... really, he would not let go.

Then, we headed back to the salon where we waited in the car ... Patrick got to drive!

After a few people walking by commenting on the toddler steering the Jeep (yes, we were in Park the whole time) ... Patrick managed to get the window open and started having conversations with all the people going by. He was "the talk of the town" by the time Jen arrived and we headed home.

What an amazing day of nothing!

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