30 September 2012

Morning Rite

This morning was unusual. Patrick woke at three in the morning and was still up and about when I got up for work at five.

While there was nothing unusual to this point, having him join me in the bathroom as I got ready for my work day was ...

I was closing the door and turning on the lights, when the door opened back up and there stood my son.

He joined me. I put him on the counter with his feet in the sink while we brushed our teeth.

I left him to his mother as I got into the shower.

Patrick quickly opened the door to the shower. "Patrick, Papa's going to get cold in there," his mother intoned.

I told her that it was warm enough in the bathroom. No water was splashing out, so I had few concerns.

I passed toys to Patrick, only to have them thrown back at me. All fun and games!

Then, he wandered off for a few seconds ... and the toilet flushed. So much for a warm shower!

All in fun. What an amazing way to start the day ...

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