04 August 2012

Swedish Fish

One of Patrick's favorite snacks is Swedish Fish. His grandmother introduced him to them and it was love at first bite.

All we have to do is mention them and he gets excited ... hand out, eyes glinting in excitement.

Tonight I opened a fresh bag and was passing them to him one at a time ... over a period of about an hour.

I had some projects to finish, so I handed the bag off to Jen and went into the other room, secure in the knowledge that the fish would keep him securely distracted so that I could get some work done.

A few minutes into hanging a copper butterfly from the ceiling, I got called into the kitchen ... "Papa, you've got to see this."

As I entered, I saw Patrick with a handful of what had to be about eight Swedish Fish ... which he promptly crammed into his mouth. Mimicking a chipmunk, he reached into the bag and grabbed a few more ... to the peals of his parent's laughter.

With a fish in each hand and his mouth stuffed, he looked at me with a glint of pure glee in his eyes.

I reached a hand out for a fish as he stuffed two more Swedish Fish into his mouth.

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