16 August 2012

Learning to be Happy

I have watched Patrick grow ... in so many ways. He is a loving child who makes friends wherever he goes. Only recently has he shown any inclination to be shy. He is curious ... even more so when he knows he has seen his mother or father do something (cooking on the stove, working with knives, ...). He loves to help ... wiping down a table or sweeping the floor (it's actually not much help, but we all love it). And, best of all (I think), he always makes us laugh ... at him and at ourselves (and our expectations).


  • Make Friends Fast ... no worries about rejection or relationships.
  • Do Not Hold Grudges ... don't stay mad or gossip; when it's over, it is over.
  • Are Eternally Curious ... constantly trying new things and asking questions.
  • Are Confident ... strong self-esteem; willing to do more.
  • Play ... for the sake of playing. Nothing more.
  • Show Their Feelings ... the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  • Like Getting Dirty
  • Are Uninhibited ... in every sense of the word.
  • Care Less About The Price Tag ... unless it itches or scratches.
  • Can Be A Cheap Date
  • Are Funny ... naturally; when trying or not.
  • Always See The Best In Others
  • Are Honest ... sometimes brutally.
  • Never Keep A Secret ... back to the brutal honesty.

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