10 August 2012

Hot Wheels

As a child (and as most boys), I loved playing with Hot Wheels.

Patrick loves to ride his cousin's Hot Wheels trike ... a lot like the Big Wheels I used to use, except this one has buttons that make motorcycle sounds and plays music.

A few weeks ago, he got to play with some of his cousin's Hot Wheels cars ... much to his cousin's consternation. I made an effort to purchase some cars for Patrick to minimize this conflict. I have made an effort to locate Mustangs ... there are more out there than I ever remember. He loves them.

We push the cars back and forth across the room for hours. These same cars are stashed all through the house and I am waiting for the day when I find one underfoot.

Last night, Patrick grabbed on of his cars and came over to me after about thirty minutes of rolling the car. He backed up to me and sat in my lap. Looking up into my face, he smiled and handed the car to me.

I knew what he expected ... this is a relatively new game for us. I took the car and rolled it all over him ... over this arms, legs, head, and back. Each time I reached a sensitive spot he rolled with laughter.

I do not remember the Hot Wheels cars being quite this much fun when I was little ...

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