06 August 2012

Holy Foot

Tonight, we had an incident ... and, by that I mean blood and screaming incident.

Patrick was helping me as usual. I was installing a grounded outlet for the computer and he wanted a screwdriver (yes, the one I had in my hand, not the one off the shelf). I did convince him to take another one and he was so excited he had to show his mother.

Then, it happened ... the end of peace in the household; at least for a few hours.

The screwdriver fell ... and as most do for someone that small, it fell tip down and hit the big toe on his left foot. He dropped next, screaming.

We got water and a wet dish towel which was quickly replaced with paper towels and ice. And, while the screaming persisted (with a visibly upset Mama and Papa), the blood did slow from a small river to a dot that reappeared every few minutes.

Mama got the stickiest bandaid she could find and we got it on him ... and as far as I know it's still on.

So much for peace in the house tonight ...

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  1. A follow up to this post ...

    We kept the bandaid on by putting his socks on. It stayed on all night and he seems the be doing just fine to this point!