20 July 2012


I always kind of chuckled when parents started bringing out the pictures of their kids. Yes, they are cute (those of you that have shown me photographs over the years, I did enjoy seeing them) ... but, the depth of their excitement was, at the time, beyond me.

Now, I find myself loading pictures of Patrick on my computer, home and at work, and on my phone. I don't hesitate to trot them out ... showing off cutest and most amazing "little dude" I know (does that make me a "big dude?")!

I am quickly learning that there was something to all those "proud parents" ... that being politely excited as a non-parent was not as impressive as I thought ...

To all those parents that trotted out their pictures, you have my sincere apologies (I did enjoy them).

To all those non-parents I hope to torture with pictures of an amazing child ... I plan to enjoy every moment and hope you one day understand what I mean here.

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