08 June 2012

Toddler Shoes

During Patrick's first year, I believe he wore shoes one time (at his baptism).  Now that he's been moved to the toddler room at school, he get to go outside ... an activity that he loves.  This comes with it the requirement that he have shoes that he can wear while at school.

I figured that we would have a good fight on our hands ... getting him to consistently wear his shoes.  But, to my surprise there was no issue.  In fact, I can almost say that he likes wearing them.  Now, having said that, he definitely enjoys it when he gets to take the shoes off.

From the article First Things First:
Recently, I got to watch Patrick figure out not just how to put his feet into my shoes, but he took a step; quite a feat (I know ... feet) for such a little man.  The smile on his face was one of pure joy.

He has tennis shoes, dress shoes, Crocs, and more!

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