05 June 2012

Tiny Teeth

Patrick's has had an amazing smile since very early on ... not long after he opened his eyes, when he was much smaller than he is now.  I watched in awe as his first tooth came in ... then my father and I spent many days and nights allowing him to chew on our finger tips and knuckles, attempting to sooth his pain.

More teeth arrived in quick succession ... again, the gnawing of our fingers and knuckles along with a bright smile.  This time our thumbs took the brunt of his teething.  His teeth were all on top at this point, so again, it was amusing.

Next, the lower teeth came in as his smile brightened the room even further.  As a new father, I figured things were going very smoothly, although I had to make sure my thumb nail was facing his teeth to take the brunt of the bite ... pretty sharp for teeth that small.

Now, he's got a pretty good set of tiny teeth on top and on bottom, with a glorious smile that melts my heart.  We've had to stop the biting as it has gotten quite painful.  I'm still trying to figure out how and when he's been sharpening them.

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