02 June 2012

First Things First

I remember finding out my wife was pregnant; it was uplifting and a bit terrifying at the same time.  A few months later, hearing his heartbeat through the fetal monitor, I was amazed that it could move so fast.  That was the point I think I truly realized where we were headed.  I began to think about what our child's life was to be life ...

Throughout Patrick's life, there have been many firsts ... some would say they are all firsts, but these are the ones that locked in as a memory (for me).

  • I can still distinctly remember the first sounds Patrick made when he was being fed ... how can any of us that heard it ever forget that coo.  Not long after that, we got to see his first smile for his grandmother.
  • Neither are we likely to ever forget the effort put in to getting him to crawl.  I do believe he knew what we were doing and just waited for us to let our guard down.  He did eventually get moving, in his own time ... and most likely won't be stopping any time soon.
  • Then, there is "Papa," "Mama", "Papap", and "Nana" ... or at least, that's what they sound like and they were definitely directed at the right people.
  • His first birthday was so much fun ... Patrick got his own cupcake to destroy/eat as he liked.  I do believe I went a bit overboard on the decorations.  But, then again can you go overboard for someones first birthday?
  • Recently, I got to watch Patrick figure out not just how to put his feet into my shoes, but he took a step; quite a feat (I know ... feet) for such a little man.  The smile on his face was one of pure joy.
  • Holding him as he got his hair cut for the first time, he was the amazing child I would have expected.  He was more nervous before the cut as he watched the various people an implements being used around him.

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